In the spirit of "New Silk Road, New Development, New Structure", SRIA is committed to serving as an international think-tank and multilateral dialogue channel with a strategic vision. Based in BRI countries, SRIA adopts an international approach to promote exchange, cooperation and comprehensive and sustainable growth in economy in these countries.
  • Conference Events
    The Silk Road International Association (SRIA) offers an effective and highlevel dialogue channel and platform for governments, international organizations, financial institutions, enterprises and experts through various conference events, including the annual conferences, regional and industry summits, report meetings, roundtables, and seminars to discuss major issues of the Belt and Road construction and development.
  • Consulting Services
    With rich resources from the countries along the Belt and Road route, the SRIA provides full-scale and world-class research and consulting services to the SRIA members, government organizations, financial institutions and enterprises to solve the issues in the construction and development of the Belt and Road.

  • Academic Research
    The SRIA is dedicated to strategic research and policy analysis about the implementation of the Belt and Road initiative. It closely follows the trend of international social, economic, financial, and industrial development, and makes multi-disciplinary, multi-perspective and comprehensive research on the issues in the Belt and Road construction and development, to help the SRIA members actively participate in the Belt and Road construction, problem solving, opportunity seizing and benefit sharing.
  • Education and Training
    The SRIA is dedicated to providing worldclass educational and training services to governments, enterprises and financial institutions by integrating the IFF's domestic and international high-end educational resources in financial sector and academia. SRIA aims to become a talent center and knowledge tank serving the Belt and Road construction and development.

  • Strategy Planning
    The SRIA provides a full range of strategic services for governments, financial institutions and enterprises. SRIA Board consists of financial and political leaders from the countries along the Belt and Road route with rich experience in the fields of politics, economy, finance, commerce, infrastructure construction, etc., which helps to provide constructive strategic planning advices to the Belt and Road construction.
  • Media Publications
    Based on the investigation and research, data analysis and industry prediction of countries along the Belt and Road route, the SRIA will launch wide range of research and information products and publications including the SRIA journal, series, annual report, reviews and other industrial market updates providing intellectual support to the countries and institutions involved in the Belt and Road development.
  • Investment and Financing Services
    With the global membership system, the SRIA provides high-end and quality investment and financing services to governments, enterprises and financial institutions. Besides, the SRIA will launch the Silk Road Fund, focusing on Social Responsible Investment (constructive, sustainable, social responsible, environment friendly) for over 50 emerging economies along the Silk Road, to promote the development of the Silk Road financial cooperation demonstration zone, as well as to promote public ecology and civilization progress with the business and capital strength.
  • Membership Services
    The SRIA Membership is divided into three categories: Founding Member, Specialized Member and General Member. Based on the principle of equilibrium, we welcome members from all over the world who desire to participate in the Belt and Road development. We are committed to providing a full range of integrated services and support to SRIA's members with outstanding resources.