• Han Seung-soo

    Chairman of SRIA

    Former Prime Minister of Republic of Korea

    President of 56th Session of UN General Assembly

    IFF Co-chairman

  • Kevin Rudd

    Co-chairman of SRIA

    26th Prime Minister of Australia

  • Jenny Shipley

    Co-chair of SRIA

    36th Prime Minister of New Zealand

    IFF Board Member

  • Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

    Co-chair of SRIA

    Former President of the Philippines

    Former Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Philippines

  • Yukio Hatoyama

    Co-chairman of SRIA

    Former Prime Minister of Japan

    President of East Asian Community Institute

    IFF Board Member

  • Shaukat Aziz

    Co-chairman of SRIA

    Former Prime Minister of Pakistan

    IFF Co-chairman

  • LI Xiaohong

    SRIA Honorary Chairman

    IFF Executive Vice-chairman

  • ZHU Xian

    Founding Member of SRIA

    Vice-president, New Development Bank

    Former Vice President and Chief Ethics Officer at World Bank Group

  • Edmond Alphandéry

    Founding Member of SRIA

    Chairman of Euro 50 Group

    Former Minister of Economy of France

  • Leo Melamed

    Founding Member of SRIA

    Chairman Emeritus of Chicago Mercantile Exchange

    Pioneer of World Financial Futures

  • Domenico Siniscalco

    Founding Member of SRIA

    Former Minister of Economy and Finance of Italy

    Vice Chairman, Morgan Stanley International Limited

  • Carla Hills

    Founding Member of SRIA

    Chairperson, National Committee on U.S.-China Relations

* SRIA founding secretary general is ex-officio member.